Physiology of skin aging

Skin aging is a natural phenomenon, but can be accelerated by: UVB and UVA radiation from the sun, an unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, stress, pollution...), or inadequate care, for example.

Deep in the skin, this aging phenomenon results in a decrease of skin's natural moisture, a loss of its substance, and decreased collagen production. Less "supported" by this " core mattress ", the skin is weak, tone and firmness decrease.

Symptoms of skin aging are fine lines, wrinkles, loss of skin firmness, loss of radiance, or the appearance of brown spots.

Effective Dermatological Molecules

Dermatologists recognize two major molecules to treat signs of skin aging:

retinol in its acid form, which is a derivative of Vitamin A widely prescribed by dermatologists in the world, to correct wrinkles, loss of firmness and improve skin quality
pure and acid Vitamin C to stimulate cellular metabolism, illuminate the skin, treat dark spots

In addition, proper hydration and nutrition of the skin are essential to preserve the skin's youth. Molecules such as hyaluronic acid are very effective in this area.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can minimize aging. Here are some daily routines to adopt:

avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, which causes 80% of skin aging.
minimize sun exposure, or use adequate protection (clothing, sunglasses, hat, sun cream with very high anti-UVA-UVB protection ...)
adopt a balanced, varied and moderate diet
respect your sleep cycles
avoid smoking as much as possible
get active, do some sport, reasonably but regularly
relax, stress is an oxidation accelerator
get fresh air, pollution attacks skin tissue


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