Physiology of skin vitality

The facial skin is a fairly reliable indicator of the body's overall health, as it quickly shows signs of fatigue. These signs can be of several types: puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, loss of radiance, with dull, opaque, pale skin and the appearance of fine lines due to dehydration, sagging skin, and even deterioration in the overall quality of skin.

There can be several causes: general fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, external damage (pollution, cold ...), unbalanced diet, global health. Skin's activity slows down and its functions are impaired: dehydrated skin, weakening of blood vessels that carry nutrients and oxygen to the skin, decreased cell renewal, and impaired lymphatic drainage, for example.

Effective Dermatological Molecules

pure and active Vitamin C: the scientific literature reports its effects on improving cell metabolism. In addition, Vitamin C is an excellent free radical inhibitor, protecting the skin from damage, and a powerful skin moisturizer. Vitamin C is known to act on the skin's radiance.
caffeine is known for its stimulatory effects on drainage, to improve the reduction of puffiness around the eyes, for example.
all of the moisturizing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, are known for their ability to improve overall skin functioning and to restore radiance.
keratolytic or exfoliant ingredients are recognized for their ability to remove dead cells on the surface and restore a more transparent and luminous complexion (Glycolic Acid, for example).

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can prevent the signs of fatigue on the skin. Here are some daily routines to adopt:

avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, which causes 80% of skin aging.
minimize sun exposure, or use adequate protection (clothing, sunglasses, hat, sun cream with very high anti-UVA-UVB protection ...)
adopt a balanced, varied and moderate diet
respect your sleep cycles
avoid smoking as much as possible
get active, reasonably but regularly
relax, stress is an oxidation accelerator
get fresh air, pollution attacks skin tissue


Weekly treatment
Revitalizing Black Mask

Black Clay, Hyaluronic Acid
Light Coverage

Touches Correction

Translucid Light Captors ®,
Hyaluronic Acid

Intensive Treatment

Revitalizing Serum
AHA, 11% Pure and Active Vitamin C

Revitalizing Serum
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