Physiological characteristics of the eye contour

The skin around the eyes is particularly thin, fragile and sensitive. It is also irrigated by blood vessels, and constantly under duress due to the movements of blinking eyelids. Collagen content of this area is very low, and the first wrinkles tend to settle around this area.

In addition, lymphatic drainage deficiency can lead to the emergence of under-eye bags.

The delicacy and transparency of the eye area skin may reveal the appearance of dark circles.

Effective Dermatological Molecules

To treat this particularly fragile and sensitive area, you should select effective dermatological ingredients in low concentrations and well tolerated by the skin.

Rétinol is the most widely prescribed molecule to fight the signs of skin aging, yet around the eyes it is recommended only in very low concentrations, in order to avoid irritation. Decongesting pure Caffeine is used to drain under-eye bags. Also, it is essential to moisturize and nourish the skin with molecules such as Ceramides and Essential Fatty Acids. It is recommended to use fragrance-free treatments to minimize the risk of intolerance.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can minimize eye contour aging. Here are some daily routines to adopt:

• avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, which causes 80% of skin aging.
• minimize sun exposure, or use adequate protection
(clothing, sunglasses, hat, sun cream with very high anti UVA-UVB protection ...)
• adopt a balanced, varied and moderate diet
• respect your sleep cycles
• avoid smoking as much as possible
• get active and do some sport, reasonably but regularly
• relax, stress is an oxidation accelerator


Wrinkles, under-eye
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